Photo Editing Service

Our Photo Editing service is suitable for photographers who want the convenience of having colour, contrast and tone adjustments done on their photographic images. Marko will achieve this by using some selective adjustments on the files using Adobe Lightroom™ and Photoshop™ to enhance the tonal range, lighten/darken certain parts of the image plus adjusting some selective colours and tones as well. Image straightening and black and white conversion are also available with this service upon request.

Marko will provide you with a set of processed and enhanced images that exhibit a consistent look, pleasing skin tones and contrast. You can have the files back in any format you wish.


How much does the Photo Editing service cost?

There are two options. Lightroom processing only or Lightroom processing with additional enchancement using Photoshop.

Lightroom Processing only (these are individual hands on edits!)
The first 50 images: £50, 50p per image thereafter.

Lightroom Processing with Photoshop Enhancement
The first 50 images: £80, 70p per image thereafter.

For example, 200 images with Lightroom processing only will be just £125. 200 images with Lightroom processing & Photoshop enhancement will cost £185. More extensive and detailed work or small orders can be charged at an hourly rate £35/hour (minimum charge per order).

When sending your images we need to know:

  • Which Colour space you want the images back in, sRGB or adobe RGB (1998)
  • Which file format you want the images back jpg, tiff, psd, or raw
  • The instructions for the files that you want special Photoshop work to be done
  • If you wish for me to do any cropping, if I do I will keep the aspect ratio unless you tell me otherwise
  • Which images you want in B&W
  • Anything else you think I should know

Sending your files to Marko

Sending them by post on a disc is the always an easy option but please do not use special delivery. Please include all your instructions, contact details and the above information. You can also send files using wetransfer, yousendit, dropbox or other similar online file-transferring platforms.

Please send images for editing on a disc to:

51 Orchard Road
BS48 2EA
United Kingdom

Turnaround Time

There may be limited availability for this service so it is best to check if I can fit the work in or book it in advance. Email Kate here. Marko always aims for a turnaround time of 5 – 7 days from the day the images arrive, but this can depend on the size of the order. We recommend booking in advance, to ensure to meet deadlines.